Rumors about the Big Premier League decide to let the Saudi group take over Newcastle

22 May

The Premier League matchmaker has prepared the green light to take over Newcastle United's capital group. The next step is to transfer money for takeover. As stated by The Sun, British media

    The Premier League matchmaker is preparing to approve the funding from Saudi Arabia to officially take over Newcastle United. From the revelations of The Sun, the famous media of the city's elite

    The capital group from Saudi Arabia is led by Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. News about taking over the football team in Europe all the time. Especially Manchester United and Newcastle before they chose "Salika Dong" as their primary target.

 It is believed that the funding group made an offer of up to 300 million pounds (12,000 million baht) to buy Newcastle and Mike Ashley, the current owner of Newcastle. Agreed to sell Only the takeover must be approved by the Premier League first, while there are people who oppose this, such as Amnesty International. (Amnesty International), after Saudi Arabia's royal family had many bad news about human rights abuses One of them was the suspicion that Crown Prince Bin Salman ordered the murder of Jamal Khajujki, a journalist who was heavily critical of the Saudi government.

    The planning of the return has made the Premier League have to postpone the decision of Newcastle's takeover, before the Sun said that the owners and executives of the league have decided that they have no problems. What does it take to fund a group from Saudi Arabia to buy Newcastle? The next step is to transfer money for the takeover. Will reveal this story officially next week When transferring money And arranging the various documents Already done It will be announced to take over in the next 1 June.

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